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  • (Young model) Young model is a radio propagation model that was built on the data collected on New York City. It typically models the behaviour of cellular communication systems in large cities.


  • Noon, see Google search for “12 NN” for examples; the prefix of catalog entries in the Gliese star catalog, the expansion called the Preliminary Version of the Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars; net neutrality, network neutrality; Not Now, commonly used as internet slang; “No name”, nickname for
  • This is a list of digraphs used in various Latin alphabets. (See also List of Cyrillic digraphs.) Capitalization involves only the first letter (ch – Ch) unless otherwise stated (ij – IJ).
  • nn (“No News is Good News”) is a Unix-based news client, which is a client software program for accessing Usenet servers.

young models nn

..{ ېآلېـــــتنې طفــــــــل ; ۇأكبـــــر همــــــــۇمې -› لعبــــــــــتې ..♥..

..{ ېآلېـــــتنې طفــــــــل ; ۇأكبـــــر همــــــــۇمې  -›  لعبــــــــــتې ..♥..
[ يآليـــــتني ’’ طفـــــل ‘‘ ومحــدٍ يقـــــــآوم رغبــــتي ]
[ وآللـــي أبيــــــﮧ يصيــــــــر ولو كنـــت -› غلطـــآن ]

[ يآليــــتني ’’ طفـــــل ‘‘ دآيــــم بوجهــــي ضحكـــتي ]
[ وأشــــوف كـــــــل آلكوووون .. أشكــــآل وألـــــوآن ]

[ يآليـــــتني ’’ طفـــــل ‘‘ وكـــل(ن) يصـــدق كذبتــي ]
[ لأن » آلبــــرآءه « فخــآفقــي مآسكــــــﮧ شـــــــآن ]

αnnαdу му ѕωєєт ѕιѕ ....

sandra model jpg smile

sandra model jpg smile
Sandra Model jpg smiling

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